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NOVA Hair Studio Level System


Our prices reflect the Artist's Level of expertise and demand, ranging from Associate Artist to Master II. When scheduling your appointment, please be sure to ask about your service provider's level, as prices will vary.
Level IIIII- Master Elite

These Artists have highly advanced training, years of hands on experience behind the chair and are considered our lead stylists. Most of these artists serve as mentors in our salon sharing their expertise with the lower - level stylists.
Level IIII-Master II

These Artists have years of experience, have spent countless hours behind the chair, and evaluate the work of associates. These Artists  share their expert knowledge with our lower-level stylists. 

Level III-Master I
These Artists have earned their way with education and experience. They have met NOVA Hair Studio standards and have displayed knowledge and competence. Level III Artists have a strong commitment to ongoing education.


Level II

Our Level II Artists have met Our Studio standards for their skill and respectability. Ongoing education is a consistent theme as these Artists commit to doing their best and growing their skill set.


Level I

Our Level I Artists are very talented individuals with great experience behind the Chair. They are new to the NOVA Hair Studio Team and are still getting aquantited to the NOVA Hair Studio Standards. 

Associate Artist Program
Our New Talent Associate Artists are considered Entry Level. They are looking to gain the experience they need while providing excellent experiences and services. We encourage you to refer your friends and family to our New Talent Artists as they continue to grow their future.










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